We are a charity devoted to stopping teenagers and young people from taking their own lives



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I couldn’t imagine a more deserving enterprise than OLLIE.
Andrew Nicholls, Clinical Psychologist

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Amazingly and entirely coincidentally, The OLLIE Foundation will again be at Bunnings this Saturday 29th, this time at the Hatfield Road branch opposite Oaklands College and this time it's being run solely by young people who want to make a difference in our community. We should all take our hats off to them for raising awareness of suicide and ensuring One Life Lost Is Enough

You might be interested in knowing we raised a grand total of £875 last weekend and the majority of that came from cake sales!! You know what I'm going to say next, don't you?

Is anyone up for baking some more cakes? If anyone would like to, then it would be very well appreciated ❤️

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The count is in & I am delighted to announce that the Sausage Sizzle & cake sale on Saturday raised £655.... on Sunday Bunnings held another Sizzle on behalf of OLLIE & raised a further £205.....whilst there are too many to name individually, I would like to thank everyone who gave their support to the day & enabled it to be such a success👍🏽 ...

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