The OLLIE Foundation is a suicide prevention and well-being charity on an important mission.

We provide accessible in-person and online training, events, initiatives and resources to reduce the number of people who feel like suicide is their only option. We want to give you the confidence to support someone to stay safe for now because…

One Life Lost is Enough

The OLLIE Foundation - Suicide prevention and wellbeing charity

Who we support

Support for Parents and Carers

Parents and carers

Supporting a child who is struggling with life and their mental health can be incredibly hard. The OLLIE Foundation can offer guidance and support and signpost you to valuable sources of information.

Support for Educators


Schools, colleges and universities work hard to support young people’s mental health and the whole school community. If you want to extend your knowledge in trauma informed well-being practice and early intervention or suicide prevention, intervention, or postvention, we can help.

Support for professionals with a duty of care


Whether you’re a healthcare provider, paramedic, social worker or any other professional with a duty of care to others, we can help you identify the signs that someone is struggling, how you might help keep them safe in this moment and steer them towards appropriate support.

Support for businesses


Workplace well-being and mental health awareness are vital. Whether you are looking for a talk or speaker or looking to fundraise or volunteer, let’s work together and help ensure your team or organisation is equipped to meaningfully support workplace well-being.

Support for Young Adults and Teens

Young people

Are you worried? Are you feeling overwhelmed or anxious about someone else who is? Maybe life feels too hard right now? Although we don’t run a crisis or support line, we do offer regular online talks that are free for students to attend, and may help you develop the tools to manage things and stay safe for now.

Support for friends and family

Friends and family

Are you concerned about a family member or friend struggling with life? We can provide you with the tools and information necessary to engage in a supportive conversation to help and guide them.

Feeling anxious or suicidal?

While we don’t run a crisis or help line and can’t provide immediate assistance, The OLLIE Foundation can connect you with organisations that specialise in urgent help.

Remember, in an emergency

(and being concerned that someone may try and end their life is an emergency)

dial 999.

Since 2017, OLLIE has equipped


people with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate challenging circumstances.

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