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5 minute  BREATHING HANDS meditation

5 minute  BREATHING HANDS meditation

Modern mindfulness practices and mindfulness meditation find their origins in the traditions philosophies and teachings of Zen Buddhism. ZEN  is a word liberally used but at one level it refers to presence,  a state of being, a total togetherness of mind and body.  And we can do this through the breath. Just to sit quietly in mindful presence is a break out of auto pilot, a restful pause in amongst the busyness of our external lives and the hectic nature of our  inner world!

This is a  5 minute breathing hands meditation – a kind of reset button. Here’s how to do it.

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Any meditation practice should be liberally sprinkled with intentions of self -compassion and loving kindness to self. The inner critic can so often get the upper hand in our minds. What if….  in amongst all our human mess, our struggles, our goals, our achievements , or our mistakes, deep down within our core, we are ok ….just as we are? Because this is truly so.

So as you sit down for meditation, imagine first wrapping yourself in a soft blanket of self – compassion, a soft blanket of loving kindness to yourself.


Sit in a chair, in a position that feels comfortable and restful, but also wakeful.

FEEL YOUR FEET on the ground and be with sensations on your feet for a moment or two.

RELAX YOUR FACE – relax your neck – relax your shoulders.

TAKE 3 SLOW DEEP BREATHS, breathing in and out through the nose.

Inhale for a count   3  ……..and exhale for a count of 3,

Then drop into natural breath.

Let the breath breathe you.



The hand on your chest anchors comfort – the hand on your chest is for ease.

Soften under your hands.


Feel the wave of the breath as if it were coming into the hand on the belly and up to the chest, and emptying from under the hand on your chest down to the belly – the breath soft and easy – in belly to chest – empty chest to belly .


– let the body breathe –



Let go as you exhale, continue  flowing  with the rhythm  of your breath, expanding into  the present moment, easing into the present moment…..right here,  right now.

Imagine thoughts as clouds passing through your awareness, but they are not important right now, because you are just paying attention to your breath.


Think to yourself  “my body is my first home “

Breathing In ……”I am here “  , breathing out …..”I am home “


– seek  nothing –


 Just a sense of coming home to this  present  moment.

A coming home to yourself.

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Zoe Strickland