Always in our thoughts

Honouring the lives of those we’ve lost, this memorial page is a place of remembrance and reflection. Having touched our lives deeply, this stands as a tribute to their enduring presence and the lasting impact they’ve left behind.

Christopher Callum Johnstone

29/08/1994 – 27/11/2013
(19 years old)

Morgan Falconer

12/05/1999 – 05/05/2015
(15 years old)

Taylor James Sibley

12/02/1998 – 31/07/2014
(16 years old)

William Michael Woledge

11/12/1994 – 02/01/2015
(20 years old)

Brett André Dillon

01/10/1986 – 04/01/2019
(32 years old)

Oliver Leigh

23/11/2001 – 01/05/2018
(16 years old)

Matthew Leslie Roberts

21/05/1986 – 27/08/2018
(32 years old)

Chris Hardman

26/08/1990 – 23/03/2015
(24 years old)

Oliver Charlie Breen

03/04/1997 – 18/12/2017
(20 years old)

Simon Clark

(42 years old)

Grace Grant

20/04/1999 – 07/04/2018
(18 years old)

Stephen Raynor

27/01/1975 – 29/10/2020
(45 years old)

George Henry Dicker

26/01/1990 – 09/05/2016
(26 years old)

Lee Barry Barry

29/01/1995 – 18/08/2020
(25 years old)

Maysie Craig
07/27/2009 – 06/19/2022

(12 years old)

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