Brett André Dillon

01/10/1986 – 04/01/2019 (32 years old)

Home Town: Stevenage


Words of Love to my Beautiful Son, Brett.

Brett is of love. From the moment he was born he exuded love and was deeply loved by many. Brett loved life and people. He had a deep interest and sincere concern for others. He had time for everyone and left an indelible mark on many souls.

Brett has created a circle of love. A circle of love occurs when two or more people are together with complete open hearts – open and deeply connected to their true selves, and sharing their Self with others through love. A circle of love is a profound experience… it’s what we all yearn for in our souls. Fun, joy, intimacy and loving, healing moments are some of the essential components of the circle of love.

I so miss my beautiful, beloved son but take consolation and great pride in knowing that his life and soul blood continues in his beautiful sons Tye and Zayne.

I find peace in knowing that Brett’s soul is in the very air that I breathe, in the rising and setting of the sun, the effervescent glow of the moon, the gentle sway of the trees, and the very beat of my heart.

I carry your heart with me Brett.

I carry it in my heart.

I will never be without it.

Rest in peace my most beautiful, cherished son. As I said to you on New Year’s Eve, I love and will always love you immeasurably.

Love Mum.