Whilst we currently don’t have any specific volunteer vacancies, here are some truly supportive ways you can donate your time to support The OLLIE Foundation now:

  • Organising fundraising events for OLLIE;
  • Follow, like and share OLLIE’s social media posts raising awareness through our communities. Links to our socials are at the top of the page; or
  • Attend OLLIE trainings and events and become an OLLIE Ambassador spreading the word of OLLIE within your communities. If this is something you would like to champion, please do let us know by emailing contactus@theolliefoundation.org – we’d love to support you and can send a range of resources to distribute within your community.

We attract individuals seeking volunteering opportunities at OLLIE for diverse reasons. Some seek to contribute to their community, using their spare time for others. Many view it as a chance to expand skills or enhance existing expertise. For some, it’s about finding fulfilment, making new connections, and enjoying a sense of purpose.

Regardless of the motivation, what unites our volunteers is their shared sense of fulfilment and reward found in volunteering for the Foundation, working with us to create suicide-safer communities.

Research has shown that volunteering improves:

  • self-rated health
  • mental health
  • life satisfaction
  • social interaction
  • healthy behaviours
  • coping abilities, self-efficacy.

Regardless of your reasons for wishing to volunteer your time, we’d be delighted to hear from you so please do get in touch at contactus@theolliefoundation.org.