The Oli Leigh Legacy Programme

We’ve collaborated with The Oli Leigh Trust to bring you The Oli Leigh Legacy Programme, a bursary fund for educational settings who want to access our training but currently don’t have the budget to do so.

This initiative addresses the growing demand for practical well-being and suicide prevention education and support that schools, colleges, and universities around the country want to provide.

About the programme

The Oli Leigh Legacy Programme will cover the expenses associated with accessing a variety of lifesaving talks and training provided by The OLLIE Foundation. A condition of this bursary is that the recipients fundraise and make a donation back to The Oli Leigh Trust within 6 months of the award. Sessions covered by this bursary include:

  • Talk Safe – 2 hours Suicide Prevention Talk
  • Plan Safe – 2 hour Safe Plan Guided Practice Session
  • Keeping Safe and Carrying On – 45 / 90 min talk on emotional intelligence and wellbeing
  • The Science of Goal Setting – 2.5 hour Guided Goal-Setting Workshop
  • Empowering conversations; Creating a Suicide Safe Community – 45 – 90 min Workshop for students in Years 10-13

We fundamentally believe that we are stronger when we work together, and this programme supports both charities’ mission to create suicide-safer communities.

Once complete, please email to To find out more about the bursary please email