The OLLIE Foundation Charity

The OLLIE Foundation was launched in 2016 by three parents who, having each lost a teenage son to suicide, pledged to prevent such losses for other families.

OLLIE is devoted to empowering individuals and organisations to reduce suicide in their communities through education, intervention, and prevention. By providing the right support and knowledge, we’re confident in our ability and yours to create positive change and save lives because…

One Life Lost Is Enough

Our story

Three parents who experienced unimaginable loss after losing a son to suicide, all found their way to their local SOBS, a support network for surviving the bereavement of suicide. Stuart met Chris and Jane at SOBS in June 2015. Throughout the summer and autumn of 2015, they found support at SOBS, but by the end of that year, they knew they needed to do more.

Chris, Stuart, and Jane explored the idea of charitable fundraising. Initially, the idea was to hold a Golf Day to raise money for a national suicide prevention charity. The funds would be used to facilitate the delivery of safeTALK and ASIST training in the local secondary schools in St Albans. To that end, the first Morgan Falconer Memorial Golf Day was held on 13th May 2016, three days before The OLLIE Foundation became a registered charity. In the summer of 2016, the first safeTALK and ASIST training was delivered on behalf of OLLIE. By October 2016 OLLIE had its own trainers and the first OLLIE run sessions were delivered.

To date…

Since then, we’ve trained over 20,000 people. Our mission is crystal clear: we aim to prevent anyone, especially young people, from feeling that suicide is their only option. We’re dedicated to reducing the stigma around suicide and promoting effective early intervention and prevention techniques worldwide.

We fulfil this commitment by providing training and education to parents, caregivers, children, teens, young adults, professionals, and anyone responsible for others’ well-being. Through expert-led suicide prevention and well-being programmes, talks, and bereavement support, we initiate essential conversations to create suicide-safer communities in educational settings, organisations, and workplaces.

You can explore our broad range of certified courses and programmes, including ASIST suicide prevention training, MHFA, Suicide First Aid, as well as OLLIE’s own unique courses offered within the Debi Roberts Wellbeing Programme.

Delegates, clients, and those we collaborate with tell us that what sets OLLIE apart is our personalised approach and our willingness to talk about issues that are hugely relevant but may not be in the headlines.

Our public, online, global thought leadership events consider communities at higher risk of suicide, exploring both why they are at risk and what can offer protection.

Joined by world-class speakers such as Dr. Gabor Mate, and psychotherapist Paul Sunderland, OLLIE extends the discourse for vulnerable cohorts such as those who are adopted or relinquished, LGBTQAI+, or neurodivergent.

We’re committed to engaging with communities, raising awareness in workplaces, and collaborating with organisations to drive positive change. Whether in Public Health, NHS trusts, schools, universities, or businesses, we promote best practices and encourage curiosity to enhance suicide prevention and support for every generation.

Team OLLIE doesn’t just provide support – we foster a community that cares. Join us on this journey, signposting to support, sharing best practices, and supporting the curiosity, skills, capacities, and knowledge needed for a safer, more compassionate world.