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Amazing fundraising from The Louis Ross Foundation

The OLLIE Foundation is so grateful to receive £1, 205 in amazing fundraising from The Louis Ross Foundation. Please read below for the story of The Louis Ross Foundation.

The Louis Ross Foundation (Charity no. 1168723) was established in early 2016 following the tragic loss of our wonderful 17-year-old son in December 2015 in a skiing accident. Louis was kind, funny and popular amongst his peers and his Foundation works to remember him by reflecting his compassion, his kindness, and his ability to unite people through friendship. The Mission Statement of Louis’s Foundation is ‘helping young people facing difficulties’ in Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire and is deliberately broad to allow help to be given to young people (under 25 years) with a wide variety of problems whose difficult lives need a helping hand.

We have a small committee and a group of Trustees who fundraise tirelessly and we’re always grateful also to the many individuals and organisations who raise funds on our behalf – often from their own initiative and effort. The Foundation is blessed with many friends and has had a huge amount of support from Louis’s school, Canford, which is ongoing.

To date, we have donated over £94,000 and continue to be evergreen and determined in our efforts. We invite applications from those in need and also endeavour to identify need for ourselves. Applications are usually followed-up personally since Louis’s Foundation is so personal to us. We try always to know exactly the specific, tangible difference that our funding will make, rather than just adding money to a pot. Our supporters deserve to know exactly how money raised is to be used.”

The funds that are coming to OLLIE have been raised by Louis’s lovely friend Toby Stalker and his Housemates at Exeter University (Felix Morris, Tom Pertwee, Caspar Hart, Sam Poole, Joe Dowley and Tom Tulloch) . In Toby’s words on his fundraising page “It is coming up to 5 years since the world lost a friend who brought all that knew him so much joy, laughs and most importantly friendship. The incredible support The Louis Ross Foundation has received reflects the huge impact Louis’s life had and continues to have on all of us lucky enough to have known him”.


Fundraising from other organisations shows how we are more than the sum of our parts and The OLLIE Foundation couldn’t do what we do without it – our sincerest thanks goes out to our friends at The Louis Ross Foundation.