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An Easy introduction to Meditation

An Easy introduction to Meditation

Meditation Made Easy by its Founder Zoe Strickland

Hello! My name is Zoe. I am a mindfulness meditation teacher and have enjoyed the benefits of my own meditation practice for several years. Thank you, OLLIE, for inviting me to contribute to the newsletter and digital media platforms, with a view to enthusing people to begin their own practice, as a life tool for our mind – and a mind tool for our life.

In the spirit of openness, I would like to share that my relationship with OLLIE came about following the very sad and unexpected events of last year, when our eldest son took his own life. As a family, we are learning to pick up our lives, gently and slowly, with a lot of love and a lot of support. I know this is something we don’t “get over”, but we learn to carry. So, I empathise fully and viscerally with the subject of mental struggle, suicide, ideation, and bereavement.

What I do know, is that habits of mindfulness and a short daily meditation practice, do help expand our window of tolerance to stress and can be a rudder in amongst the changeability in life, which with certainty there is. I am an optimist at heart. There is always hope. And more than ever I am inspired to enthuse others to self -resource and begin their own practice.

It’s not easy being a human, so let me introduce you to Zen Boss Guru – he is a wise and calm soul. He is my muse, and will be sharing nuggets of wisdom, simple mindfulness exercises to slide into your day, and meditation tips –  to help quiet an anxious brain , rest a wandering mind, awaken us to a different relationship with our thoughts, and open us up to a happier heart through personal insight and self-compassion

 “may all beings be happy ”



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