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“Autism Spectrum Disorder and Suicide”, 30.10.2020

“Barriers Faced by Individuals Living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); Accessing Help in a Crisis”

Join our expert panel on Friday 30th October 6-8pm for this important talk on suicide prevention and ASD. Panellists will discuss how and why those with ASD are more vulnerable to suicide and suicidal ideation and how we can better support crisis points.

Talk will last 45-60 minutes with 30 minute Q&A

Delegates will be able to submit questions prior to the event and also in the open discussion at the end of the talk.

This talk is suitable for Parents, GP’s, Teachers, First Responders and all health care professionals and counsellors and students in any of these areas and anyone who has an interest in ASD and or suicide prevention.


To book your place at this talk, please follow this link.