No. Whilst thoughts about suicide can be linked to living with a mental illness, feeling suicidal can happen to anyone, and doesn’t necessarily mean you have a mental illness. Research indicates that up to one in four young people will consider suicide at some point, but often as a result of an emotional crisis rather than mental illness. Did you know that it’s common to fleetingly consider ending one’s life and that not all people who die by suicide have mental illness at the time of death? Ongoing research informs our knowledge in this area, and we know that suicide can be meticulously planned by some, while for others it’s a completely spontaneous act. In either case, this could be due to a mental illness or an emotional crisis.

However, it should be noted that an emotional crisis can be triggered by poor mental health. To clarify further, an emotional crisis can result in a person having reduced capacity to access efficient coping strategies or they are unable to utilise their problem-solving skills to overcome the obstacles they currently face. To understand this further please join our session Keeping Safe & Carrying On. Feeling overwhelmed by situations that are causing significant despair with no solution available and a loss of hope that things can change, can rapidly lead to an emotional crisis where suicide offers a quick solution.