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Firstly, we’d like to say thank you for considering donating to OLLIE financially. Without your support OLLIE wouldn’t be able to deliver the training and work to raise awareness of suicide and suicide prevention.

There are many different ways to donate to OLLIE. We have accounts with all the main donation sites, which we have listed below for you.

You can also set up a regular monthly donation using just your mobile number or your debit card thanks to Donr making it super easy.

Alternatively you can make cheques out to “The OLLIE Foundation” or contact us for our bank details to donate by bank transfer.


Legacy Giving

By leaving a gift in your will to OLLIE, you are continuing to care for future generations. Any gift left, no matter the size, will help create a world where no young person feels like suicide is their only option.

Wills can be complicated, and each legacy gift is unique, so a good place to start is by talking to your financial adviser or contact us to have an informal chat.

How can legacy giving reduce inheritance tax?

Legacy gifts are generally completely free of Inheritance Tax and can, in some cases, even reduce inheritance tax for your loved ones. When you leave 10% or more of your assets to charity, if any inheritance tax is due, it will be reduced to a rate of 36%, rather than the standard 40%.


Giving in memory

There are many charities and services that exist to support you through bereavement. Grief is a long journey and is different for everyone but there is support out there.

When someone you love passes away, in memory of them, you may want to donate to a charity that they cared about, or a charity that works in an area related to their death. There are different ways you can do this, for example: fundraising challenges or events, memorial donations pages (JustGiving, Givey, etc) and funeral collections (asking friends and family to donate in lieu of flowers).

We are here to support you in whichever way you choose to raise money in memory of a loved one.

Why we decided to give in memory

Charlie and Catherine lost their son Oliver in 2017 and decided to support OLLIE.

“Losing our wonderful son Oliver in December 2017 was just tragic, incomprehensible and heart breaking. The OLLIE Foundation was very supportive, and we were also very touched by friends showing their support with raising money for the charity. It was uplifting for us to take part in organising a family bike ride in memory of our son. We just hope other young adults will be helped and their families spared the grief which we have experienced.”



In the wise words of Susie McDonald, chief executive of the charity Tender: “The charity world creates a bit of a conundrum. Charities are expected to be as efficient and effective as private businesses and yet fundraising for key staff is often dismissed publicly as wasting money.”

So, if you do have certain business skills and you would like to support a worthwhile cause like OLLIE, why not have a think how your skill-set and experience could benefit OLLIE? It could be the best donation you ever make!

Business people: As a charity, whilst we were set up for a social purpose to help those in need, we still have to be run as a business. Whether it be marketing, finances, insurance or legal advice we always greatly appreciate it when people take time out of their own busy lives to provide us with their expertise free of charge. Quite simply, we wouldn’t be here without this support.

Not-for-profit consultants: Being a charity also results in other not-for-profit areas needing to be understood and optimised. Volunteer management and fundraising are pivotal aspects of being a charity so if you have experience within these sectors and would like to help OLLIE become even more efficient and supportive then please get in touch by sending a completed Volunteers Form to [email protected]

Young people: At the heart of OLLIE are children and young people. We are grateful that so many of you want to get involved with supporting us. Whether it’s your knowledge of social media, your access to other young people for focus groups or your perception of OLLIE’s work, we are really keen to hear from you so we can keep OLLIE fresh and current.

Connections: Do you work within education, lead a sports group or are you responsible for young people? Or do you have connections with people that do and where an introduction could help OLLIE further our reach? With our busy lives, when a stranger comes knocking with a proposal we often say “no”, simply because we do not have the time to spare to look into what this unknown person is offering. But when we get a recommendation, we are far more likely to investigate. You could help OLLIE develop new relationships just by making that introduction and recommendation.


Pro Bono Services

The supply of pro bono services to charities is not a new area. Typically revolving around free legal advice, the pro bono world now also encompasses accountancy, marketing, IT and public relations. The benefits of companies and individuals providing pro bono work may be part of a more general corporate social responsibility strategy or a way of recruiting and retaining staff who expect to put something back into the community. It can also be an integral part of a company's professional development plans for employees. Whatever the reasons behind the donation, OLLIE is also grateful for any offer of Pro Bono Services and will work with companies and individuals to ensure both parties get the most from the relationship.


Amazon Smile and PayPal Giving

Amazon Smile

Thanks to technology, there are other ways you can give that fit in amongst your daily spending habits. Amazon donates 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees) of eligible purchases to the charitable organisation of your choice. To get started simple log in with your normal Amazon account details here. Then just search for The OLLIE Foundation, press select and you’re all set!

PayPal Giving

If you are an avid eBay seller or are just wanting to de-clutter your home and be thrifty at the same time, you can now do so whilst also supporting OLLIE. With OLLIE enrolled with PayPal Giving Fund we appear on PayPal, eBay and Humble Bumble. When you buy, sell or transact you can choose to donate to us.