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Fundraising Case Study: Group

Fundraising Case Study: Group

Sinéad’s Fundraising Story: Ragnar relay run from Sittingbourne to Brighton


Why did you choose to fundraise for OLLIE?

Several of us on the team have children, some of them teens already. We understand the need to raise both awareness of mental wellbeing and suicide prevention. As parents we can see the pressures on young people today and value the work that OLLIE does locally to raise awareness and train others to help.

Sinéad: On a personal level, I suffered from depression as a teen and young adult. Aged 15 I attempted to take my own life. I believe that if those around me recognised the signs and were able to help it would not have got to the point that I decided the only option for me was suicide. I am lucky, I survived. I have not forgotten what it is like to feel that way. By fundraising for OLLIE I hope I can in some way help someone get the help I needed all those years ago.


What activities did you organise as part of the fundraising?

We took part in the Ragnar Relay, a 170(ish) mile relay run from Sittingbourne to Brighton. Each teammate ran 3 legs with each leg ranging between 3–11 miles and varying in difficulty. It took 29 hours to complete, including running through the night. To help fundraise we held a quiz night for friends and family.


What did you find most enjoyable/rewarding?

The running was tough with many, many hills! The team aspect was amazing. It took a lot of planning to raise the money, hold the quiz and plan the logistics of the run. Not to mention all the training. Doing all this as a team was fantastic.


What was the most challenging aspect?

Training! We are all used to running, however Ragnar requires you to run three times in 29 hours on no sleep. To get up and run in the middle of the night when your body is tired and telling you it is bedtime is tough!


If you could say just one thing to someone considering fundraising for OLLIE, what would it be?

OLLIE is a fantastic local charity that is providing training to help people help others – what more could you ask for? We need to raise awareness of suicide and encourage more young people to talk.

You can view the fantastic video which documents the run in full made by Sinéad and her team here.