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Fundraising Case Study: Individual

Fundraising Case Study: Individual

Lynsey Maciver’s Fundraising Story: M.A.T.T.S Family Funday


Why did you choose to fundraise for OLLIE?

The OLLIE Foundation is something that is close to my heart, not only because my amazing cousin is a huge part of it but because of what it stands for. One Life Lost Is Enough - I lost my brother last year to suicide & feel there isn’t enough help out there for those suffering & OLLIE helps to provide support & training in all these matters, so I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else.


What activities did you organise as part of the fundraising?

We organised a Family Funday in Memory of my brother Matt, to celebrate his birthday. It was an amazing day filled with tombola’s, BBQ, live bands, amazing competitions including the chilli eating & sumo suits, then we finished with a huge raffle which we were able to have due to the fabulous donations from local companies.


What did you find most enjoyable/rewarding?

Seeing everyone come together, having fun and smiling, and of course the amount of money we raised was astounding.


What was the most challenging aspect?

Having in the back of your mind why you’re doing it. The guilt that you feel because you're having fun, smiling & laughing..... yet the one person you’re doing it for cannot be there. But by fundraising for OLLIE we’re helping to prevent other people from ending their life and other people going through what we have.


If you could say just one thing to someone considering fundraising for OLLIE what would it be?

Do It!! OLLIE is an amazing charity & does great things for suicide awareness, the work they do with the schools and how they especially target teenagers is amazing, as I feel that age is vulnerable, prone to bullying, exam stresses etc.