How do I say it?

So, now you know who you can talk to, and what help is available, what do you say? Where do you start? Maybe your head has gone completely blank, or maybe you’ve got one hundred different things you want to say and don’t know where to begin. You may find it easier to just let the conversation flow, but you may find it helpful to plan and note down some of the key things you want to mention.

You may want to think about when and where you are going to talk to your confidant. Will it be face to face, over the phone or by email?

Think about anything that is particularly important to you so that they understand. You may also want to consider what it is you want as a result of the conversation – is it just that you want to confide in them or is there something specific they can do for you?

If you’re still feeling unsure about things, you can call any of the various confidential helplines to talk it through, such as PAPYRUS, Rethink, Samaritans, SANE or YoungMinds.

There are lots of blog posts out there that look at how to talk to people about your mental health, such as how to talk to your partner. Ditch The Label have put together a short guide on how to talk to your parents about mental health. If you’re employed, you might also want to consider talking to your boss or the HR Team. We know that could be very daunting so read here to see how to go about it.