I’m thinking about suicide

I’m having thoughts of suicide and am scared of what I will do.

Lots of people have moments when they wonder if life is worth living. This is more common that you might realise.

But thoughts are not actions. You can notice them and explore what brought them to your attention so forcibly today. Your thoughts may be the result of a series of events that today are feeling too much. Your thoughts may be because you have lost hope that anything can ever be any different. Although we can’t fix anything right now, we hope that you will agree to press pause on doing anything that is irreversible.

You might like to create a Safe Plan.

You might also like to download an app like STOPP.

If you have recently started antidepressants, changed dose or brand, or are tapering, your suicidal thoughts may be a side effect of the medication. For additional guidance, please click here: Safer Prescribing Initiative.

I am having suicidal thoughts and have taken steps to end my life.

If you have already taken steps to end your life, or your suicidal thoughts are overwhelming you right now, you need emergency help to keep you safe from suicide. Please call 999 for an ambulance or go straight to A&E. Alternatively you can ask someone else to call 999 or take you to A&E.

If you have ingested anything as a method to self-harm, seek medical attention immediately. Sip water and do not attempt to make yourself sick unless advised to do so by your healthcare provider.

Your steps may be around ‘planning’ and you may not feel you are in immediate danger.

In addition to creating a Safe Plan here, you may also be able to visit a crisis house. Crisis houses are used as an alternative to going into hospital, for example if you don’t feel safe at home overnight, or things at home are contributing to you being in crisis. Visit Mind’s website to find a crisis house near you. If you live in Hertfordshire, you can use the NightLight service which is a countywide out of hours mental health crisis service providing a safe and welcoming space for people who are feeling distressed and experiencing a crisis.