When things don’t go as planned

So, you’ve been to the doctors, or had your first appointment with your counsellor or seen another professional and you’ve come away feeling disappointed. Maybe there was no rapport, or you feel wholeheartedly you’ve already tried their advice or that it wasn’t helpful. What do you do now? 

Relationships, with your therapist, your doctor or any other professional are no different to our personal relationships when it comes to whether we gelled with them. A fact of life is we don’t naturally get on with everyone we meet, and this is no different when it comes to professionals.

If you feel that the person you saw isn’t the right person to continue with you on your journey for support, it is perfectly okay to ask to see another. Do not feel that because the first person you saw wasn’t right, no one will be. We don’t give up on dating after our first break up, and the same goes for professional support. You are able to ask to see another GP, counsellor, youth worker to find the person that is the best fit to support you, so don’t give up.