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International Pandemic – by Shirin Salivea

International Pandemic – by Shirin Salivea

Written by Shirin, who lives in Manhattan, New York, aged 10.

This pandemic has affected everyone in different ways. I’ve had mixed feelings about this time.


One of them is unstable because 26.6M people have Coronavirus and it’s everywhere. When will I ever feel safe again, that there’s no Coronavirus? I constantly have to wipe my mom’s phone or key every time she goes shopping, it even stays on clothes metal and maybe wood! I will never feel safe again knowing that it’s everywhere.


I also feel really annoyed; I mean how likes wearing a hard to breathe mask even if

they say it’s easy to breathe it’s not. I still wear a mask it’s just pretty annoying when you have to adjust it when you’re outside. Or something similar.


At the same time, I feel bored, the playgrounds are locked, so are the Amusement park, even some stores. Since the Quarantine arrived, we all must be in our house even if we couldn’t go outside like we used to, at least we’re going to be safe.


Even when there are bad things about the pandemic there are also good points to it. one of them has extra free time now that some stores are closed. People have lost their jobs, but I guess the positive side is that they can use this time to do something beneficial like learning new things, reading the holy Quran, or trying out a new hobby.



In a nutshell, these are all my feelings Towards the pandemic can go outside or have that much fun as we used to. At least we are still safe if there are about 26.2 million people who have coronavirus which is pretty scary in my opinion.