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Mindfulness – Meditation Made Easy

Mindfulness – Meditation Made Easy

An exercise you might find helpful.   

Sometimes it all gets a bit crowded up there and at these times I remind myself “a mind at ease is not a mind with no thoughts, but a non- judgmental mind”. So, I sit down quietly for a while, wrap myself in a self – compassion blanket and visualise friending my thoughts. Then I put the kettle on and have a cuppa.

Meditation – re-introduce yourself to your breath

Calm breathing gives the mind a point of focus. Paying attention to our breath is somewhat unusual – as usually we don’t! It gives our mind a break from the continual internal conversation we have with ourselves. And relaxes the nervous system. Find a spot where you won’t be disturbed, to take 10 minutes to be a human being, not a human doing. Set a timer. Get comfy. Intend to just be right here, right now, with your breath. Become aware of the felt sensations of the breath, be with the waves of the breath, finding a sense of ease and rhythm with the breath. Use a mantra “I am here, I am now”, to anchor mind with breath.  Visualise your breath as a circle. Follow the breath up, follow the exhale down, be at the top of the breath, be in the pause at the bottom – stay with your circle…concentrative but relaxed. Worry not about thoughts. Just notice them as they come in and return to your breathing circle. Timer ends. Notice how you feel.

Connect with your breath

Let it naturally slow

Drop anchor

As it brings you home

Feel it come in

Follow it up

Float in the hover right at the top

Feel it empty Follow it down

to a pause at the bottom where you comfortably drop

into a soft landing

A space

Before the next is begun

A moment on the circle

A continuum

Of circular breath

Its diaphanous flow

Mind and breath union

as it comes and goes

I am the breath, the breath breathes me

I stay with my breathing circle

And can mindfully be.


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