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When small charities and organisations work together, united by a shared mission, we can achieve amazing things. The Oli Leigh Trust is a wonderful example and The OLLIE Foundation is proud to be one of the charities that the Trust has chosen to support.

Like OLLIE, the Oli Leigh Trust was created following the tragic suicide of a teenager. Oli Leigh took his life on the 1st May 2018, aged just 16. Another beautiful life gone too soon. Since then, Oli’s family and friends have worked tirelessly to help ‘teenagers see through the fog’ and to support charities all over the country who are doing the same:

“The Oli Leigh Trust has been set up to help various charities around the country to reduce the rates of teenage suicide and self-harm by offering training, education and support. We all have a responsibility and we all have a sense of duty to provide our children with a future.”

In September 2019, one of the Trust’s trustees, Steven, his cousin Diane and a friend completed the Oli Leigh Tube Challenge. They visited 248 tube stations in 18 hours and raised a whopping £4,500 for OLLIE, as well as raising awareness of suicide prevention with other travellers en route. This is an absolutely incredible contribution and boosts OLLIE’s ability to provide even more of our training in schools, colleges, universities and workplaces. A huge thank you to these amazing people.

We’re looking forward to working with The Oli Leigh Trust to support each other in our shared mission to put a stop to youth suicide.

Please visit The Oli Leigh Trust’s website for more information about the work they do and their upcoming fundraising events.

Oli Leigh Trust tube challenge

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