We are a charity devoted to stopping teenagers and young people from taking their own lives

OLLIE spreads its wings to Kent

As some of you may be aware, OLLIE will soon be expanding to Kent. This venture will be overseen by OLLIE’s CEO, Debi Roberts, and Operations Manager, Verity Bramwell, but spearheaded by amazing volunteer and community champion Jenny Woledge. It’s fantastic for us to be able to get our training to a new county which ultimately means more helping to create even more suicide safer communities!

Jennie Woledge who lives in Canterbury and lost her son Will to suicide, is dedicated to doing everything she can to help prevent suicide. Jenny is already a LivingWorks safeTALK and ASIST trainer and has been busy delivering some training sessions to local schools and businesses. She has also collaborated with her local Sainsburys to raise money which will be ringfenced for OLLIE’s activities in Kent.

She delivered suicideTALK to CAYSH, a charity which helps young people with homelessness, whilst supporting their needs and finding suitable accommodation where needed. Jenny delivered to a range of personal from CAYSH which included support workers and HR staff. Following delivering suicideTALK, there are now plans to deliver safeTALK demonstrating clearly how the model of LivingWorks training encourages continued learning and engagement with suicide prevention training.

suicideTALK was also delivered to schools in Kent such as Sevenoaks West Heath School where 14 staff members including teachers, teaching assistants and support staff attended. All the training has been greatly received and received positive feedback; some delegates are also now interested in future OLLIE training courses.

If you would like to get involved with OLLIE Kent then please email us to find out how. You can also read more about our training here.