OLLIE stands for


Ollie – the film

Ollie – the film

In 2018, a group of young creatives got together and decided to raise awareness of suicide amongst young people. They did this in the way they knew and loved best – the creative arts.

OLLIE launched our first suicide awareness film campaign in collaboration with the #ItMatters initiative. The creative team of ItMatters produced the film. ItMatters is a National movement of young people using the creative media to raise awareness about mental health and other related issues.

You can watch the Ollie film here.

Within two weeks of its release it had achieved over 50,000 views and reached over 142,000 people on Facebook and almost 3,000 views on YouTube. It’s been shared by multiple high-profile celebrities including Stephen Fry!

Archuna Ananthamohan, writer and co-producer, said: “While volunteering for OLLIE, I felt that young people needed to harness the power of social media and film to persuade more people to take action. I made use of the National Youth Theatre members’ network to meet and work with fellow members to turn this goal into a reality”.