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OLLIE’s Crowdfunding Campaign

Back in March 2018 OLLIE was fortunate enough to come to the attention of Donate Today who featured OLLIE in an article all about charity. Roll forwards to June and Donate Today has had a brand new make-over. Enter Donr! Donr are connecting social enterprises with communities to inspire change. They want small to medium charities to spend their valuable time and resources helping those most in need. So, using their expertise in design, copywriting and technology, they’re creating an exciting new online charitable community that has never been seen before…
…and OLLIE is very excited to be one of the first members. When Donr offered to create OLLIE a crowdfunding campaign we had to say yes! So after a few weeks of anticipation we saw the preview and were blown away. July 9th we were able to finally launch it and since then Donr have hooked us up with influencers that also thought the campaign was great.
Be sure to check it out here!

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