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Suicide To Hope Course

The OLLIE Foundation is incredibly proud to be able to say we now offer a brand new course called Suicide To Hope. Only one other organisation in England can deliver this course currently.

SafeTALK, and ASIST cover the period leading up to crisis point, and at crisis point. Suicide To Hope is designed to be used after crisis point when the individual is safe again. The workshop’s goal is to encourage and enable participants to apply a recovery and growth oriented approach to working with persons previously at risk and currently safe from suicide. It’s purpose is to strengthen hope by aiding recovery and growth.

It’s ideal for helpers who are, or would like to be, involved in ongoing suicide care for people, once they are safe. It assumes that participants are familiar with suicide intervention and can provide suicide first aid. While ASIST is not a prerequisite, it is recommended as one way to learn suicide first aid and provides background for suicide to Hope’s learning processes and tools.

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