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OLLIE Training Champions V1

OLLIE’s Training Champions!

There are some extraordinary people in the community who OLLIE has had the opportunity to train and who we would like to recognise and celebrate. They have made a huge personal commitment to training in suicide prevention and have attended a wide range of events and courses with us so they are better able to advocate for suicide prevention in their own communities.

We would like to recognise this commitment by officially recognising them as The OLLIE Foundation’s Training Champions.

Recently three of The OLLIE Foundation’s Training Champions; Shelley, Diane and Kieran, sat down to have a conversation over Zoom about how they first got involved in the charity and why they felt it was important to do so.

We spoke about the different training they have attended in-person and now online and how the experience differed with each. Finally, we discussed the impact their participation at The OLLIE Foundation has had on their lives and the ‘ripple effect’ of this impact on their local communities.

Over the coming weeks, we will be posting small clips of this conversation over social media, so keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook and Instagram!

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