We are a charity devoted to stopping teenagers and young people from taking their own lives

The OLLIE Foundation – suicide intervention training

OLLIE delivers a range of suicide awareness talks and training courses focusing on suicide awareness, prevention and intervention.

suicideTALKsafeTALKASIST and s2H have all been created by Canadian company LivingWorks Education.

LivingWorks Education are a world leader in suicide prevention. Their interactive, practical workshops support suicide prevention initiatives all over the world. Virtually anyone can learn the skills to save a life, and more than 1,000,000 people have attended since 1983. With a variety of workshops to suit all needs, there is a program for everyone who wants to help.

For more information on the evidence base and research surrounding their courses you can can visit their programme pages to read their additional reading.

“overall brilliant. The video / real examples were very impactful and excellent.”

Anyone Learning The Skills Of Suicide Alertness And Safe Suicide Intervention Has A Skill, Quite Literally, For Life.
Wendy Henrys, safeTALK Trainer