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Poems – by Hanan

Poems – by Hanan

Together again

Locked in, Locked away, Lockdown
A deafening silence of sound
Alone but together
A scar that will be there forever

Humanity has awoken
Our voices are now spoken.
Our touched hearts will break us
From the stereotypes that chain us.

Understand yourself
Get in touch with your mental health
Let go of all the pain
We will be together again.

– by Hanan, age 14

A virtual touch

The corona wake-up call
Is this mankind’s fall?
We are all alone
Drawn to the screens on our phones.

The virtual world?
Full of pain and hurt
Our disconnect
Our soul’s neglect
Or the real world?
Take your pick.

We yearn for a touch
From our friends and families.
Is a virtual touch really the same?
Wake up humanity.

– by Hanan, age 14


Originally published by Revolution Arts