Benchmarks – An Accompanying Curriculum for Older Teens

Benchmarks is an extremely moving and powerful short film which shares a message of hope. It reminds the audience that whilst things may feel unbearable at any given moment, our past and future selves will thank us for pausing before acting on that pain.

Whilst directly talking about suicide and suicide prevention with young people, and doing so in an effective and appropriate way, can feel extremely challenging, the subtlety of this film combined with the power of the message it portrays makes it an ideal way of beginning to raise awareness of suicide amongst your school community.

We have created this resource to provide schools with a range of starting points that they can use in lessons to facilitate students’ exploration of the film, the messages it shares, and their responses to it. It provides various activities which will suit the needs of all students, from those who prefer creative writing or art to those who excel at critical thinking.

Please note that this curriculum is designed for students in Year 10 and above.