The Unacknowledged Grief of Adoption

Does the unacknowledged grief and loss of relinquishment explain why adopted teens are 4 x more likely to attempt suicide than their non-adopted peers? (Keyes et al., 2013)

Our panel of experts discuss the impacts of relinquishment on suicidality and what can be done to help. They consider the grief experience of; the birth mother, the adopting parent/s and relinquished babies and children.

In particular, how babies and young children respond to separation, how they grieve and how this experience is carried in their bodies as cellular memory, resulting in young people who experience struggles with mental health and substance misuse.


Debbie Doherty, volunteers with OLLIE and is an Adoptive Mother. Looking to help others by sharing her experiences of coping with her child’s mental health.

Ron Nydam, PhD. Psychologist with 40 years experiences in the adoption field, author of ‘Wise Adoptive Parenting’

Zara Phillips, singer songwriter, author and Adoptee Advocate. Her most recent book; ‘Someone’s Daughter’ explores the life-long impact of being adopted.

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