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Roots of Our Community

Roots of Our Community

The OLLIE Foundation are proud to work alongside a network of organisations, charities and individuals who are championing wellbeing, suicide prevention, intervention and awareness across the globe. Below you’ll find more information about these amazing people. This network of exchange and collaboration ensures our combined work can effect significant change in people's lives.


T& B Contractors

T&B Building Contractors have chosen us as their Charity of the Year.


Discretely monitoring harmful online searches to provide a safe solution

The Oli Leigh Trust

Grant-giving organisation committed to making a difference

Hub of Hope

The UK's leading mental health support database.


Giving grants to organisations working with YP to support mental health.


Innate health and resilience education programme

The Molly Rose Foundation

A suicide prevention charity connecting YP to useful support & advice.

Just Talk

Encouraging Hertfordshire’s young people to talk about mental health.

The Decider

Providing a programme of evidence based CBT to support mental health.


Yoga and natural therapies to enhance the lives of anyone with ASC.

Costco and United Way

Funders of our South West Uni Student Wellbeing programme, Winter 20/21.

Herts Valley CCG

Funding our Student Wellbeing & Staff Suicide Prevention training 20/21.

St Albans District Council

Funding our Parent Wellbeing Support Programme in 2020/21.

Olly’s Future

Develop & deliver suicide prevention initiatives particularly for YP.

The Laura Hyde Foundation

Ensuring that medical service staff have access to mental health support.