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Platinum Point Raises £7,500 for OLLIE!

Platinum Point, the unique St Albans award-winning business network group, chose The OLLIE Foundation as its charity of the year for 2019 and the 30 members of the group have jointly raised over £7,500 to support the charity in its essential work in the St Albans community.

Photographer Jeremy Banks, a long time Platinum Point member, led the fund raising campaign which included a wide range of activities:

  • Dinner at fine dining restaurant Thompsons
  • Derek Blair, of accountancy practice Pinkham Blair, Movember moustache
  • Jeremy Banks photographic portraits of PP members
  • Jeremy Banks photographs for a former member
  • Left over ‘kitty money’ from the annual PP day out
  • June Cory, of My Mustard, Bowling Night
  • Jeremy Banks football team
  • June Cory’s pub quiz
  • Kate Adam,of Meredith Marketing, Book Club
  • Susie Peratikou, interior designer at Super Designs for a Buddha statuette raffle
  • Derek Blair’s golf event
  • OLLIE Card sales to St Albans shops and restaurants
  • Jeremy Banks photographs for a current PP member
  • Kate Adam for a donation
  • A group of members who fundraised over two weekends at Morrison’s in St Albans

Jeremy says “As a business networking group we are very supportive of local charities and in the past have raised funds or given our joint expertise for free to a number of great causes including Herts Young Homeless and the Magpas Air Ambulance charity.

“With teenage children myself I felt very strongly about supporting The OLLIE Foundation and my fellow Platinum Point members have been amazing. Together we have dreamt up all kinds of activities and hopefully the money we raised will make a big difference to a small charity. As a group of St Albans and Herts based businesses we are keen to make a contribution to our local communities.”

Verity Bramwell of The OLLIE Foundation says “We are so appreciative of the support that we receive from Platinum Point and our other business partners, without whom we could not do our essential work. Young people are faced with sometimes overwhelming challenges and anything we can to support them can make a huge difference to their wellbeing. Donations such as this ensure that our work can continue”

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