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Stuart Kemp joins our board of trustees

The OLLIE Foundation is delighted to announce that Stuart Kemp, Assistant Head and Head of Pastoral Care at Sandringham School, St Albans, will be joining our Board of Trustees. Stuart has taken up the post with immediate effect.

“I am thrilled to be joining OLLIE as a member of the board,” says Stuart. “As a teacher with responsibility for pastoral care and wellbeing, I have been working with the Foundation for a number of years and have seen first-hand the incredible progress that the charity has made in ensuring that one life lost really is enough.

“In education, we know that Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services do incredible work with the young people that are able to access them for therapeutic interventions. However, we are also very aware that they are bursting at the seams, which makes the work of OLLIE all the more important.

“As an educator, I am passionate about learning, which is why the ethos of the Foundation of making people suicide aware resonates so much with me. Within my school, we have accessed the incredible training that is on offer and it has definitely served to make us a better organisation. In my mind, preventing suicide is not an impossible task as we already educate our children at a young age to be danger avoidant for their physical wellbeing. ‘Look both ways when you cross the road or you could get hit by a car’, ‘Don’t talk to strangers, they might be dangerous’, ‘Don’t do any drugs or you could become addicted’. All of these offer advice about physical health or wellbeing. I wonder if we are able to do the same to safeguard our children’s mental health. We need more organisations within society with the confidence to do so.”

Debi Roberts, CEO of OLLIE, says: “We are delighted to welcome Stuart to OLLIE as a valuable addition to our Board. OLLIE is growing rapidly and we’re very excited that Stuart will be part of the team to support the charity’s future development.

“The mental wellbeing of young people is high on everyone’s agenda, particularly in schools where exam, friendship and other pressures can have such a detrimental effect on mental health. OLLIE is needed more than ever and we work hard to raise awareness and provide training to as many people as we can, including teachers and students.

“As a teacher and pastoral lead at the coalface working with young people, Stuart will bring invaluable experience and expertise, helping us ensure that we can continue to make a difference to the mental health of young people in schools.”