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Suicide Awareness Film Campaign Launches

The OLLIE Foundation is delighted to announce the launch of an upcoming suicide awareness film campaign. The film was produced by a team of young creatives, from the National #ItMatters movement.

Archuna Ananthamohan, writer and producer, said: “While volunteering for OLLIE, I felt that young people needed to harness the power of social media and film to persuade more people to take action. I made use of the National Youth Theatre members’ network to meet and work with fellow members to turn this goal into a reality.”

Verity Bramwell, the coordinator at the charity, said: “To have young people creating a film to raise awareness, not only of the charity, but also about suicide prevention is wonderful. We really hope we can get this going viral to reach as many people as possible. ‘Ollie’ is truly impactful and is helping to highlight such an important social issue.”

The team have worked closely with The OLLIE Foundation in the creation of the script so that the sensitive topic of suicide can be explored in an appropriate manner. The video will be released on the OLLIE Foundation’s social media on Monday 7th May 2018.

For more information, visit their Facebook Page, Twitter or follow their Instagram.

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