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Suicide awareness film ‘Evelyn’

A film made to highlight the struggles of talking about losing a loved one to suicide was shown at the Odyssey cinema on Monday 28th January.

The film entitled ‘Evelyn’ is a real-life journey of a Families grief and healing which shows raw emotion and demonstrates the struggles they have faced in coming to terms with Evelyn’s suicide; the main obstacle being the fact they were unable to talk about it.

Directed by Evelyn’s older brother, Orlando von Einsiedel, the short film is shown through the eyes of the family as they express their pain, anger, hurt and frustration. Orlando himself admits that following his brothers death he was barely able to say his brothers name let alone talk about how he died. During the film which includes footage of Evelyn, the family are followed as they embark on a life changing trip across paths Evelyn had once walked. Along the way they endure a full range of emotions as they begin the delayed process of opening up and talking about Evelyn and suicide for the first time.

We were gladly invited to the screening at the Odyssey.

We were also very pleased to be given a stand in the foyer to offer any advice or signposting needed.

More information about the film can be found at: https://www.evelynmovie.com

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