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The OLLIE Card

Who created the card?

Save For OLLIE was started by a group of nine entrepreneurs at Verulam School Sixth Form that took part in the St Albans Dragons Apprentice Challenge 2018.

Their brief was to create a sustainable business model to pass onto their paired charity which they fully achieved. The idea was to raise money for OLLIE, whilst increasing the amount of business local independent retailers received and provide the public a reward for engaging with the scheme. A scheme that rewards all involved. Most importantly, they created something sustainable which could be handed over to us at OLLIE and continue to raise funds for our training.

What is the card?

The card works on an annual subscription. Users pay a single annual fee and as a result get discounts on their bill at the participating retailers. The card encourages residents to support their local independent businesses, whilst also supporting The OLLIE Foundation and saving themselves money.

Please note the next batch will be re-branded.
Please note the next batch will be re-branded.

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