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The OLLIE Card

What is The OLLIE Card?

The OLLIE Card brings together local independent businesses, local consumers and The OLLIE Foundation. The idea behind the card is that everyone taking part gets rewarded. Local independent businesses gain more customers to help them compete against larger chains, local consumers get money off as a reward for shopping local and independent, and we, as a local charity, receive funds from sales of the OLLIE Card.

What are the discounts?

Discounts typically range from 10-25% on specified products with some retailers offering BOGOF (buy one, get one free). Whilst the original card was for food and drink retailers, the revised OLLIE Card encourages any local independent business to sign up. To see which current retailers are signed up and the discounts they offer visit the OLLIE’s Offers page. Some retailers will offer online-only discounts. To use the online offers you need to register your OLLIE Card for online use by contacting us and quoting “register OLLIE Card online”.

How do I buy the card?

You can buy the card by simply contacting us and we will sort out payment and delivery with you.

Why was the card revised?

The original Save For OLLIE card was produced by sixth form students as part of The Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge (TDAC). In 2018, OLLIE was nominated as Charity of the Year by Platinum Point, a local independent business network group. One of their members was a TDAC business mentor and suggested they work on extending and continuing the concept of the card to ensure a long-term way of raising funds for OLLIE.

How do I get involved as a business?

Before you sign up to the scheme, please ensure you are a local independent business operating within Hertfordshire. If you meet these requirements, then please get in touch quoting “join The OLLIE Card”.

Get your OLLIE Card now!

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