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This is our way of putting the spotlight on you and saying a huge thanks to everyone who has helped OLLIE to date. We couldn’t have achieved the things we’ve done without your amazing help and commitment.

Posted 8th July

Thank you to the staff and students at St Georges School for raising money in aid of OLLIE so we can continue our vital work.

Posted 1st July

A big thank you to Detective Constable Shaun pascal who is from the Met.

Shaun joined us on a fantastic Instagram live to discuss wellbeing in the workplace for young adults.

Posted 22nd June

Thank you to Dr Kathy Weston who gave an insightful talk on how we can support our family's well-being during lock down via Instagram live on Friday.

Posted 8th June

Thank you to everyone who has completed any of our fantastic online courses which we have been delivering throughout the pandemic and to those who have shared our online timetable across their networks.

Posted 3rd June

A big thank you to Lisa from PennInk Productions for leading the website training for the whole OLLIE team!

Posted 12th May

Sending our thanks to Michelle and Shelley who raised £410 for OLLIE with their International Men's Day fundraising!

Posted 5th May

A massive thank you to the Friends of Sir John Lawes School and the school PTA who have raised a wonderful £125 to support our work. Thank you!

Posted 28th April

A huge OLLIE thank you to our founder Chris' daughter, Molly. Molly has been raising money for us by saving her pennies and last week paid in £32.90. Thank you Molly!

Her hard work shows that every penny really does count. Any donations, large or small, make a massive difference to the work OLLIE can do.

Posted 21st April

A big thank you to Simon Woodham for some great lockdown fundraising for OLLIE. Simon is doing a 'Two Faced Challenge for Mental Health', which involves only shaving half his face and letting the other half grow until the end of lockdown! If you'd like to donate (and see a photo!), please visit Simon's fundraising page.