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Training participant numbers up 83%

When the pandemic hit the UK in March our established provision of in-person courses, workshops and training became impossible. We have moved the entire program online, converting content so it is suitable to be delivered over Zoom.

Although previously thought to be less-than-ideal, online delivery does mean delegates are no longer excluded from our courses by geography- or time zones. This has been a silver lining; people from all over the globe have been able to take part.

We have also responded by developing new workshops that pick up on an emerging mental health need in the community: that of key workers. People working in education, healthcare and who didn’t previously consider themselves key-workers such as delivery drivers and people working in supermarkets. The first session in this series of specialised sessions, ‘Keeping Safe and Carrying On for Educators’ had great feedback about the space the sessions provide for discussion with people in a similar situation;

‘it was particularly useful having the time after the main talk to listen to other delegates share their experiences and how they are overcoming certain obstacles’

Going into isolation has been challenging for so many people and undoubtedly had an impact on our ability to cope. The number of people trained by The OLLIE Foundation has gone up 83%; we are so pleased to be able to help and provide comfort, insight and support to all our delegates.

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