We are a charity devoted to stopping teenagers and young people from taking their own lives

safeTALK - Suicide Intervention Training Course

The safeTALK (Tell Ask Listen Keep Safe) training course is a half day (3-4 hour) interactive training course for 15-30 participants.

safeTALK enables people to become aware of people with suicidal thoughts. Launched in Canada in 2006, the course has been run in more than 20 countries worldwide. It is suitable for anyone over the age of 15. Included in the course:

  • Exploration of the group’s personal encounters with mental health and suicide
  • Video of survivor sharing experience of acute mental health challenges
  • Hands on role play exercises exploring real life suicide crisis scenarios
  • Information about local community resources

“It is so good to see a taboo subject spoken about”

Anyone learning the skills of suicide alertness and safe suicide intervention has a skill, quite literally, for life.
Wendy Henrys, safeTALK Trainer