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Our mission is clear: to eradicate the sense that suicide is the only option, especially among young people. We’re dedicated to reducing the stigma surrounding suicide and promoting effective early intervention and prevention techniques and resources.

Our commitment is realised through our growing programme of training education and practical resources, available to parents, caregivers, children, teenagers, young adults, professionals, and anyone with a duty of care. Our suicide prevention and well-being training, workshops, talks, and bereavement support facilitate crucial conversations that contribute to creating suicide-safe communities.

Discover our wider range of certified training courses such as ASIST suicide prevention training, MHFA, Suicide First Aid, and the Debi Roberts Wellbeing Programme.

Delegates value our passionate and personalised approach. Individual delegates can easily join online sessions from anywhere and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere cultivated by our expert speakers. For in-house sessions, we begin by understanding your challenges and desired outcomes so we can craft tailored solutions. Contact us today to explore how we can support you and your team.


Find out more about our wellbeing and suicide prevention training programme here, avaiable in person and online to suit your needs.


Explore all of our upcoming events and activities here to deepen your understanding of well-being, and leave you with hope for the future.

Keynote speakers

OLLIE can help elevate your event by providing speakers, consultants and those with lived experience who can share their expertise and experience of suicide intervention, prevention and well-being.

Campaigns and Initiatives

Alongside our core suicide prevention and wellbeing training, we empower change through impactful campaigns and initiatives that meticulously highlight the critical factors influencing suicide risk and protection.

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