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Informed by continuous research, collaboration and lived experience, OLLIE endeavours to contribute to the reduction of suicides globally. The term “One Life Lost Is Enough” underscores the urgency of this mission.

And sometimes, unconventional solutions are needed. We embrace new thinking when current practices fall short. We’re continually listening, responding and evaluating all we do.

Alongside our core suicide prevention and well-being training, we empower change through impactful campaigns and initiatives that meticulously highlight the critical factors influencing suicide risk and protection.

Your involvement matters. Ask questions, share our work, attend our training, stay informed, spread the word, and courageously discuss suicide. It’s a lifesaving conversation.

Connect with us at if this resonates – together, we can make a difference.

At The OLLIE Foundation, we’re unwavering advocates for exploring and developing best practice within suicide prevention.

Grounded in expertise and lived experience, we acknowledge we stand on the shoulders of giants, keeping abreast of the latest research, data, and evidence in the field. Our global collaborations with other leaders in suicide prevention for example, Ron Nydam, Gabor Mate, Paul Sunderland, Professor Zaffer Iqbal), ensure we are able to facilitate empowering and informed conversations with our community.

We love that our global community grows from our roots in Hertfordshire. Here, we bear witness to the tragic and heart-breaking stories of lives lost to suicide or those in crisis. Right here in our community, we listen, sometimes for hours, to those whose hearts are broken. They become imprinted on our hearts, echo in our ears and guide our campaigns and initiatives. For instance, our Safer Prescribing work was borne out of hearing one too many parents share that their child ended their life but was taking antidepressants. This didn’t make sense to them or us until we started to look a little deeper…

So, in a profound way, the work we undertake is infused with the lifeblood of our community. It’s a fusion of these heart-wrenching stories and the knowledge gained from the professional world that informs our direction. We are dedicated to finding small solutions to significant problems. The more we delve into the complexities of suicide, the clearer it becomes that there is much we still don’t understand. However, this realisation fuels our commitment to research, connecting with others and sharing what we discover to be supportive with those in crisis.

We hope these efforts will contribute to reducing suicides and alleviating the profound trauma and pain that touches the world so deeply because,

One Life Lost Is Enough.

Safer prescribing for Professionals -Prescription Safe Plan awareness training

Safer Prescribing Initiative

Our Safer Prescribing Initiative is dedicated to safeguarding teens and young adults, whether they are initiating or already using antidepressants, ensuring their well-being throughout the medication journey.

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