Let’s Get Talking About Suicide: Mini-Series

Let’s Get Talking About Suicide is an awareness day being held in Victoria Park, Portsmouth from 10am-4pm on the 7th September 2024.

The event will offer free live music, physical, well-being and creative activities as well as a chance to talk to services offering support and guidance to those in need. The Hampshire ‘Speak Their Name Quilt’ project will be showcasing the completed quilt before it goes on tour.

The event is a festival of what life has to offer.

The OLLIE Foundation are running an educational mini-series in support of this awareness event. Please find more details about our online sessions below.

3rd September: History of Suicide

Join the CEO of OLLIE, Debi Roberts, for a talk aimed at understanding the complexities of suicide through a historical lens. This short talk is ideal for anyone eager to understand the complexities of suicide through a historical lens. Whether you’re seeking personal enlightenment or professional development, this session promises valuable insights.

  • Delve into the historical layers contributing to society’s hesitance in addressing suicide and how historical perspectives shape contemporary attitudes, language, and policies surrounding suicide.

  • Gain insights into the medical and social viewpoints on suicide and responses, uncovering misconceptions and highlighting the importance of holistic approaches to intervention.

  • Discover the pivotal role of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in crafting effective suicide reduction strategies, with a focus on treating depression as a preventive measure.

  • We’ll also reflect on actionable strategies for better-supporting those prescribed antidepressants, offering practical insights for personal and professional contexts alike.

4th September: Prescription Safe Plans

A session with our CEO, Debi Roberts, who will equip you with the essential information to support someone who is on antidepressants. Packed full of essential information for prescribers and those who may be supporting someone who is starting, changing, or tapering from antidepressants.

  • Learn why Prescription Safe Plans support better outcomes for all stakeholders particularly those using medications that list ‘suicidal thoughts’ as a side effect, in particular antidepressants.

  • Why is this important? If not pre-warned with clear instructions on what to do if their well-being deteriorates, patients can be extremely vulnerable, some will conclude that their life is spiralling out of control despite the medication and may succumb to their sense of hopelessness and end their life.

And at OLLIE, we believe that antidepressant-related suicide is a devastating tragedy that can be reduced with better education and support.

This session is open to all, and will be particularly relevant for Prescribers, Counsellors, Pharmacists, Psychotherapists, Occupational Health and HR professionals.

5th September: Safe Plans

A truly valuable foundation for anyone interested in learning how to use a Safe Plan or Prescription Safe Plan. This session guides you through creating a safe plan that can support someone else to stay safe during an emotional crisis.

This session supports participants to understand why Safe Plans are a proven and effective support tool, whether as a professional or an interim measure until professional assistance is accessible, or between appointments. It’s particularly beneficial for those supporting someone initiating, adjusting, or tapering antidepressants.

  • Explore the concept of a Safe Plan, it’s effectiveness and how to use and create a dynamic Safe Plan

  • Learn how to have solution-focused conversations with goal-setting to aid individuals, including those experiencing suicidal ideation, in maintaining safety during emotional crises

  • Learn how to extend the Safe-plan for those starting, using, or tapering from antidepressants

By attending this session, participants will acquire some practical skills in suicide intervention and prevention. They will learn how to compassionately assist individuals in distress, fostering a safe physical and emotional environment, and creating a supportive Safe Plan document tailored to their needs, especially if they may be alone at any point.

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