Lunchtime Lectures

Join us for a week of one hour educational sessions this July, all conveniently being held during your lunchtime.

These sessions are being run in support of Helping Herts Week 2024.

Helping Herts is a charity campaign located in Hertfordshire, uniting The OLLIE Foundation and 11 outstanding local charities with the shared mission of enhancing the lives of children and young people. By supporting Helping Herts, you can be a driving force for change and a source of hope for countless young individuals throughout the county. You can find more information about the week here:

We have a series of enlightening discussions on different facets of mental health and well-being. These talks will cover a wide range of topics, including the brain’s response to stress, the roots of suicide stigma, and practical strategies for transitioning from crisis to safety.

We’re looking forward to having you join us for these sessions running daily from 12.00pm to 1.00pm (London UK) from 1st July to 5th July.

Monday 1st – Talk Safe

Talk Safe is a valuable suicide awareness session that explores the nature of suicide, equipping delegates with a deeper understanding of the range of suicide risk factors that can exist.

During this talk you will gain a deeper understanding of who is at a higher risk of suicide, why they may be at risk, and what can prevent them from reaching out for help. You will also explore the barriers that can prevent people from reaching out for help and what can get in the way of others reaching in and asking about suicide.

You will explore how language can create an unhelpful bias and the language to use (and not use) when discussing suicide whilst you learn about the range of risk factors that can increase the potential for suicidal ideation and behaviours.

This talk is open to all, welcoming delegates with no previous suicide prevention training and also to those looking for a refresher who may have previously completed Spot the Signs, 10 Tools, safeTALK and ASIST.

Tuesday 2nd – Prescription Safe Plans

This session is packed full of essential information for prescribers and those who may be supporting someone who is starting, changing, or tapering from antidepressants.

During this talk, you will learn why Prescription Safe Plans support better outcomes for all stakeholders particularly those using medications that list ‘suicidal thoughts’ as a side effect, in particular antidepressants.

Why is this important? If not pre-warned with clear instructions on what to do if their well-being deteriorates, patients can be extremely vulnerable, some will conclude that their life is spiralling out of control despite the medication and may succumb to their sense of hopelessness and end their life. OLLIE believes that antidepressant-related suicide is a devastating tragedy that can be reduced with better education and support.

Please note this session is open to all, and will be particularly relevant for Prescribers, Counsellors, Pharmacists, Psychotherapists, Occupational Health and HR professionals

Wednesday 3rd – Safe Plans

This session supports participants in understanding why Safe Plans are a proven and effective support tool, whether as a professional or an interim measure until professional assistance is accessible, or between appointments. It’s particularly beneficial for those supporting someone initiating, adjusting, or tapering antidepressants

During this session, participants will explore the concept of a Safe Plan and its effectiveness. They will learn solution-focused conversations with goal-setting to aid individuals, including those experiencing suicidal ideation, to maintaining safety during emotional crises.

By attending this session, participants will acquire some practical skills used globally in suicide intervention and prevention. They will learn how to compassionately assist individuals in distress, fostering a safe physical and emotional environment, and creating a supportive Safe Plan document tailored to their needs, especially if they may be alone at any point.

Thursday 4th – Keeping Safe and Carrying On

Embark on a 1-hour journey delving into the intricacies of your innate survival system. Discover how this constant 24/7 safety mechanism can sometimes get trapped in ‘battle’ mode, leaving you feeling anything but safe.

Led by an expert trainer in emotional well-being and trauma-informed responses, this session explores the remarkable 24/7 survival system inherent in each of us. Consider our responses to real and perceived threats that leave our bodies in a constant state of battle readiness, leading to stress and anxiety. We address this physical and emotional chain reaction triggered by hormones and activated by our interpretation of thoughts, potentially leaving us as emotional and physical Jenga towers, teetering on the brink of collapse.

Participants will also acquire a variety of CBT tools and strategies to alleviate moments of overwhelm, stress, and negative thoughts, such that they can more quickly return to a neutral and calmer state, even when confronting challenging situations.

Friday 5th – The Elliot Strickland Lecture

A Powerful Narrative of Hope and Transformation!

Join us for an extraordinary talk as we unravel the heartfelt journey of transformation sparked by tragedy. The Elliot Strickland Lecture, presented by OLLIE’s CEO, Debi Roberts, unveils a groundbreaking approach to de-escalating conversations in suicidal crisis.

You will be moved by the tragedy and poignant tale of Elliot Strickland, whose suicide at 25 propelled the CEO on a quest for change. Discover how, just days later, speaking with another family facing a similar crisis ignited a spark of inspiration.

Through this deeply personal narrative, you will hear the genesis story of OLLIE’s revolutionary method grounded in solution-focused conversation, conflict resolution and goal-setting techniques that we have found to be powerful interventions in times of despair.

Time & place

  • 1 hour

  • Online event on zoom


  • Please contribute at your comfort level, fully funded tickets are also available

Whilst every effort will be made to discuss these topics sensitively and ethically, the subject matter could potentially cause distress. Please consider if you currently feel ready to attend this talk. By attending the event, you agree that you understand that this is a talk (not therapy) and you feel ready to learn more.

We value and appreciate our incredibly diverse audiences who always come with a range of opinions, emotions, experiences and knowledge. To ensure that our online environment remains supportive, we work hard to provide a respectful environment, sensitive to the range of views in the room.

Here at OLLIE, we understand that sometimes you may prefer to join our session anonymously and that’s fine by us. You are more than welcome to have your camera off and audio muted throughout, freeing you up to move around, eat or simply relax whilst we guide you through the session.

If you book a ticket and then are unexpectedly unable to attend this event, even at the very last minute, please do let us know before the session, either by returning to the eventbrite link in your confirmation email or by emailing

Please be aware, we require a minimum number of delegates for each of our online sessions in order to run these effectively, if we are unable to obtain the minimum number 24 hours prior, you may be informed of the course’s postponement and will be given the option to transfer onto the next available course.

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