The OLLIE Foundation are delighted to welcome back our Zentangle trainer, Lucy Farren to launch this mini series of Neurographica. Lucy, trained in this mindful art form, will expertly guide us through a fusion of artistic expression and psychological techniques designed to promote healing and relaxation of the mind of the mind.

This session is designed to support 13 to 24 year olds.

What is Neurographica?

• an innovative, scientifically proven method of transforming human thinking processes through drawing and creativity

• a unique blend of art and psychology, developed in 2014 by Pavel Piskarov, a Russian psychologist, architect and Reiki master

• a method that uses the connection between fine motor skills and the neural system of the brain, to allow new neural connections to be created

• a guided drawing method that consists of eight set steps. This is called the Basic Algorithm and is the underlying structure of all Neurographic drawing.

What is it NOT:

• art therapy, but it can be seen to have therapeutic effects such as relief from stress and anxiety

• a magic wand. Personal change does not occur only from drawing a certain picture, the client also needs to take steps towards their desired goal and the drawing provides inspiration to what next step to take

• art in the traditional sense, in that the finished artwork is just the by-product of the transformative process happening as the client draws. The drawing created reflects the client’s inner world, not an image from the outer world.

What are the effects of using Neurographica?

• by drawing using the method, brain operating frequency is lowered, helping the client become relaxed and connect with their subconscious, allowing for the release of supressed emotion and feelings and the access to insights

• new neural pathways and connections are created when a client draws neurographic lines and then connects them

• over time, and with repeated use, old patterns of thinking are broken, and new ones discovered. This effects decision-making and removes perceived obstacles to allow a specific goal to be reached.

The main objectives for attendees when using Neurographica are:

• to observe their reactions, feelings, and thoughts on a chosen topic before the drawing, during and after its completion, to recognise the changes that have taken place

• to act on the insights that the drawing brings, taking inspired steps towards the desired future goal.

Why Choose Neurographica?

• unlike other traditional talk based coaching techniques, Neurographica works with both the conscious and the subconscious levels of mind, which gives access to insights and solutions not accessible in conscious thinking. It therefore can address issues that the attendee may not be consciously aware of and can deal with the fact that the subconscious and the conscious minds are often at odds with each other

• unlike traditional talk based coaching techniques, there is no requirement for the attendee to discuss issues in detail with the coach if they do not feel able to

• unlike other techniques, the attendee is able to ‘observe’ thoughts and feelings coming to the surface, rather than experience them fully, making them easier to handle.

About the Trainer

Lucy is a Therapeutic and Transformational Art Coach who uses two powerful drawing techniques to help others change their short-term state of mind and their long-term mindset and behaviours. She has been a Certified Zentangle® Teacher for six years along with being a Certified Transformational Life Coach, certified by the Brave Thinking Institute® and a Certified Neurographica Specialist Coach.

General Session Information

Participants will receive a recording of the session afterward to refer back to. Should you wish to remain anonymous on the session, please keep your camera turned off.

We welcome an international audience to these popular workshops and would like to remind you that they are run on London UK time, please allow for time differences depending on where you access the session from.

If you book a ticket and then are unexpectedly unable to attend this event, even at the very last minute, please do let us know before the session, either by returning to Eventbrite or by emailing

*Please note that cancelled tickets will be refunded, minus the Eventbrite booking fee of £1.70 per ticket.*

**Please be aware, we require a minimum number of delegates for each of our online sessions in order to run these effectively, if we are unable to obtain the minimum number 24 hours prior, you may be informed of the courses postponement and will be given the option to transfer onto the next available course.

Time & place

  • 2 hours

  • Online via Zoom


  • £12 per person plus £1.70 booking fee

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