Keynote speakers

Welcome to OLLIE’s team of keynote speakers. They are all experts in the field of suicide prevention and/or well-being. We would love to join you in meaningful conversations and thought leadership live, recorded, in person or via online events.

We offer a Socratic approach, exploring and sharing our thoughts and experience of suicide intervention and prevention with a distinctive approach, integrating holistic and evidence-based tools and outcomes.

Our passionate and knowledgeable presenters can work alongside you, should you wish, to create a bespoke presentation that chimes with your event. We will raise awareness of the risk and protective factors around suicide while supporting your mental health and well-being initiatives to meet your objectives.

We value the opportunity to talk to all communities and welcome both the intimacy of small gatherings in community venues as well as the synergy and vibrance of large global conferences. Our speakers are available online and in person depending on your location or event.

To have a conversation about your needs with the team, contact us here.

OLLLIE Foundation CEO

Debi Roberts

Chief Executive Officer

Debi Roberts MA Ed. is an international speaker, author and expert in suicide prevention. She is the creator of the Debi Roberts Well-being Programme, which includes Talk Safe Plan Safe, OLLIE’s online suicide prevention training and The Science of Goal Setting. Debi is a trained Theory Of Constraints, CBT, Iheart, and MHFA Facilitator. She has written a range of wellbeing, CBT and suicide prevention talks and programmes for clients, including the Royal Society of Public Health and Hertfordshire County Council. Debi is published through Routledge and her book “Storytelling for Better Behaviour” (ISBN 1906517487) is available at all good bookstores.

Formerly at Children’s Services, Hertfordshire County Council, Debi developed and led large-scale projects focused on mental health and well-being of young people in the county, including the innovative Empathy Project, a finalist project in the HelpForce Awards, the RSPH 2019 Youth Mental Health Project Awards and the CYP 2019 Awards.

Chris Sibley

Head of Business and Engagement

​​Chris is a Co-Founder of The OLLIE Foundation, having tragically lost his eldest son to suicide. Chris helped set up the Foundation in 2016 and has worked tirelessly ever since to reduce the stigma surrounding suicide and ultimately to save lives. Chris is clear, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

Chris shares with audiences his reflections and lived experience of losing his son to suicide and generously confides what he has come to learn about life, loss and the nature of suicide.

Vicky Gutteridge

Head of Education

Vicky is a qualified teacher, trained in CBT, Iheart Facilitation and Grief Awareness and effortlessly incorporates her interest in neuroscience, mental health, well-being and nature into her talks. As a mother of three, who has worked alongside children and young people for over 25 years, Vicky has crafted a wonderful storytelling approach which often draws parallels between nurturing human well-being with how we can and must nurture our soil and food, which in turn nurtures our own sense of wellness.

Vicky initiated and set up OLLIE’s community garden and allotment and co-hosts the popular podcast, The Plot Thickens – No Dig, Sustainable, Allotment Living.

Organisations we have been invited to speak at…

Guidance and Support

As we are not a crisis line, OLLIE can’t offer immediate support to individuals who are in crisis. However, if you or someone you know is struggling to cope with life and you would like someone to listen to you and offer reassurance or advice, we are happy to help where we can.

The team at OLLIE are available to offer one-off funded support to parents or professionals who very often find themselves at a loss as to where to turn to for support or advice. Please call us on 07715 311891.

Should you or your organisation wish to book regular support for ongoing guidance or to implement a well-being and mental health strategy, please email contactus@theollieofoundation and one of our team will be in touch.

Alliances and Advisory Boards

As a local and national resource, The OLLIE Foundation sits on a number of suicide prevention, well-being and bereavement Task and Finish Groups and Alliances as consultants, sharing information and expert advice and guidance with partnering organisations nationwide.

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