OLLIE believes that together we can be more than the sum of our parts. Combining lived and academic experience, we maximise the skills we have in service of others and in our mission to reduce the incidence of suicide, especially among young people.

As a team, we develop novel interventions and resources and provide a range of training and education as well as wellbeing events for parents, carers, children and young people, professionals and anyone with a duty of care for others.

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Suicide prevention training

Check out our range of comprehensive training and awareness talks that can help you understand the nature of suicide and keep someone safe for now.

Mental health and well-being training from The OLLIE Foundation

Mental health and Well-being training

We offer talks and training that explore the neurobiology and psychology of well-being and what can get in the way of optimal mental health. Our talks and training are designed to be accessible to all so that delegates, whatever their age and background, can gain a deeper understanding of the subject and practical tools to use for themselves or with others.


Although focused on prevention, We offer bereavement resources for schools and businesses. We can also provide compassionate support sessions for children who have lost a friend and colleagues who have lost a workmate, regardless of the cause of death.

Prescription Safe Plan awareness

Our Prescription Safe Plan sessions focus on education to ensure patients are better able to keep safe while using antidepressants. The training is designed to meet both the prescriber’s and patient’s needs.

Affiliate speakers

Discover insightful voices on our Affiliate Speaker page. These individuals bring unique perspectives and expertise, enhancing our mission. Explore their contributions and gain valuable insights into the vital work we do.