Affiliate speakers

We’re thrilled to introduce our Affiliate Speaker programme, featuring valued guests who complement our well-being and suicide prevention initiatives. These speakers join us to delve into evidence-based aspects of suicide prevention and well-being, adding a unique depth, personality, and voice to our work.

Together, we strive to enhance understanding, support, and resources in the realm of mental health, ensuring a comprehensive and compassionate approach to our mission. Join our speakers as they amplify our conversation around well-being and suicide prevention.

Connecting the dots of mens mental health

Ryan Parke shares a new understanding of what underpins health concerns in men and what we can do to fix things.

Hack your health

Ryan Parke shares his insights into optimising a lifestyle to make men happier, healthier and harder to hurt.

Mums and sons

Join this talk to discover how to bridge the gap between you and the young men you love.