Write to Release – Positive Thought Healing through Expressive Writing

Grief is a huge topic that affects us all in many ways but is so difficult to understand, express and talk about. We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves when it comes to talking about how we feel, so why not write about it instead.

This workshop is for anyone who is experiencing loss, who is feeling emotionally stuck and looking for a safe space to release their pain without any judgement.

Should you wish to book onto this session but find none are scheduled, please do email contactus@theolliefoundation.org to put your name onto the register for the next workshop programmed.

If you would like to book this session privately for a group that you are supporting, please email contactus@theolliefoundation.org to book your bespoke session.

The OLLIE Foundation Bereavement Support training

Talk explores:

  • the benefits of expressive writing – not only has it been scientifically proven that writing can help us to heal by acknowledging our feelings, but it can also reduce stress, anxiety, depression and lower blood pressure

  • how to express yourself by using your authentic voice through writing, to gain positive thought and emotional healing.

Delegates will:

  • receive a private space to breathe and to be open and honest with yourself without any requirement to share what you have written

  • begin to understand and process your thoughts and feelings through the power of your personal written word.

Additional information:

  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Delivery: Online
  • Qualification: Certificate of Attendance
  • Age requirement: Public sessions: 18yrs +. Education Settings: On request
  • Delegate Numbers: Public sessions: maximum of 8. Education Settings: On request


  • On request


Whilst every effort will be made to discuss these topics sensitively and ethically, the subject matter could potentially cause distress. Please consider if you currently feel ready to attend this talk. By attending the event, you agree that you understand that this is a talk (not therapy) and you feel ready to learn more.

We value and appreciate our incredibly diverse audiences who always come with a range of opinions, emotions, experiences and knowledge. To ensure that our online environment remains supportive, we work hard to provide a respectful environment, sensitive to the range of views in the room.

Here at OLLIE, we understand that sometimes you may prefer to join our session anonymously and that’s fine by us. You are more than welcome to have your camera off and audio muted throughout, freeing you up to move around, eat or simply relax whilst we guide you through the session.

If you book a ticket and then are unexpectedly unable to attend this event, even at the very last minute, please do let us know before the session, either by returning to the eventbrite link in your confirmation email or by emailing contactus@theolliefoundation.org.

Please be aware, we require a minimum number of delegates for each of our online sessions in order to run these effectively, if we are unable to obtain the minimum number 24 hours prior, you may be informed of the course’s postponement and will be given the option to transfer onto the next available course.

“The OLLIE Foundation have been incredible in responding so quickly when we needed to provide additional support to young people who had experienced extreme trauma. They have worked alongside us to provide advice, support, a listening ear, non-judgemental strategies and a sounding block to all involved. The support has been invaluable not only at the time but moving forward into a hopeful future.
Public Health Children & Young People, Central Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes and Bedford Borough Council
Following the tragic death of a young person, a student from our school has been offered 2 sessions of Write to Release.

I wanted to express how valuable this support has been for my young person and their family. What is amazing, is the young person has used the strategies after the sessions have ended which they have voiced has been very useful.

I would recommend this support for children as a useful resource in order for them to adopt useful coping strategies.

“The group session was very relaxed- the use of some circle time and fidget toys I felt were a great ice breaker and I believed help the students open up. Initially the students were unsettled but the facilitators were patient and calming in their approach and were flexible with the different tasks they offered in meeting the needs of the students. The session involved a variety of different activities- some verbal, some written but all were managed with sensitivity.
As a member of staff being present for these sessions it also enabled me in feeling more able to have direct conversations with students about their grief and I have since found this very beneficial in being able to continue supporting these students. “

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