Prescription Safe Plans and how to use them

Aimed at those who are supporting someone who is starting, changing or tapering antidepressants. This session combines the core content of Talk Safe Plan Safe with a comprehensive overview of why Prescription Safe Plans support better outcomes for those using antidepressants and can reduce self-harm.

Particularly suitable for prescribers, counsellors, pharmacists, psychotherapists occupational health and HR professionals, teachers, wellbeing leads and parents/carers.

Talk explores:

  • how prescribers can effortlessly (without extending their consultation time) support patients to support themselves and most importantly know what to do should their wellbeing deteriorate whilst using their medication.
  • the recommended Safer Prescribing protocol, aligned with NICE Guidelines and its role in assisting prescribers and patients by providing clear language and planning to mitigate any side-effects.

Delegates will:

  • clarify their understanding of the possible side effects of antidepressants, including a risk of suicide.
  • gain an understanding of the Safer Prescribing initiative and be equipped to support individuals taking antidepressants
  • be able to support individuals to manage their prescription, going beyond theory, allowing you to actively participate in the Safe-plan creation process together.

Additional information:

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Delivery: Online
  • Qualification: Certificate of Attendance
  • Age requirement: 17 yrs +


  • On request

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