Join this café style talk to explore suicide awareness and consider ideas for creating a suicide-safer community through open and direct talk about suicide.

Talk explores:

  • awareness of suicide prevention opportunities in your community, regardless of prior training or experience

  • the stigma surrounding suicide and prevalent beliefs and attitudes within communities and individuals, addressing these biases to foster a more compassionate community

  • obstacles that hinder open dialogue and support for those in need.

Delegates will:

  • understand how the safeTALK session can be used to help prevent suicide

  • be signposted to further suicide prevention training and awareness sessions to foster their understanding and skills

  • leave with enhanced understanding of prevention and intervention and deepened compassion for the complexities of suicide.

Additional information:

  • duration: 60 – 90 minutes
  • delivery: In person
  • qualification: certificate of attendance
  • age requirement: 18yrs +


  • on request

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